My GitHub has started to get crowded, so here's some of the cooler things I've made, newest first. These were mostly made in under 24 hours, so they're mostly rough around the edges.

LinkedIn Unconcious Bias Experiment

An A/B testing framework for running experiments to assess the impact of unconscious bias in recruiting. Subjects are asked to rank a series of LinkedIn profile pairs, with and without name/picture stripped. Profiles that perform better with information stripped are likely suffering from negative bias.
Rutgers Crime Alerts Demo!

Another scraping API, this one extracts information from the statements released by the Rutgers Police Department. Live map demo.

An iOS app to build a support network of close friends for the night to take steps to ensure everyone’s safety, fighting bystander inaction. Made for a hackathon for the theme of "Safety for women on campus". First time working on a fresh iOS codebase, which was... not as bad as I'd expected.
Watchface: Selfie Time Demo!

A mobile website to turn a photo into an analog watchface for Pebble. The server inserts the image into a C Pebble SDK project and compiles to get the binary.

Best Use of Linode, HackRU S2015

A sorta crude interactive script that prompts you for an ebook title then tries to acquire it from the file-serving IRC bots on certain servers. Real shady stuff.

A weird little game where two teams of players, equipped with an Android phone in hand and a unique QR tag taped to their backs, compete for control of a selection of New York City blocks while hunting each other. Pulls data from the NYC Open Data 2010 Census.
Pebble Rutgers

Pebble smartwatch app that displays university dining hall menus (using my scraper below) and bus times.

Chrome extension that adds a moustache to Wikipedia biographies. Similar to the gabenizer (below). Not yet live, because I have yet to figure out how to host this cheaply.

Funniest Hack, HackRU F2014

A simple dungeon crawler game, played on any number of Android devices linked via websockets to a host computer. Each Android device takes a turn representing a room in the dungeon, sprawling outward. Graphics are ASCII based because that's all I had time for.
Rutgers Nutrition API Demo!

Scrapes basic nutrition information for Rutgers menus into JSON. The original source of the data is a closed-source system that outputs in ugly ugly HTML tables.

Making the internet a worse place, making the world a better place.
A service for crowd-sourcing CAPTCHA challenges and raising money for charity. It's missing some pretty basic functionality, but the idea was novel enough.

Restored Faith in Humanity Award, HackRU S2014

A chrome extension for generating a bulleted list for daily "standup" meetings. Fetches tasks from Asana and outstanding code reviews from a Rietveld server.
gabenizer Demo!

A reddit bot that runs pictures of models through facial detection, and pastes Gabe Newell's face over theirs. The bot has over 4000 subscribers, which I honestly find a bit odd.

/r/gaben's The Chivalric Order of the Knights of Newell

A Minecraft dungeon generator that uses a user's email conversations to create rooms and hallways. Rooms are procedurally generated parkour challenges.

Best use of API